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PAYMENT: In order to meet deposit schedules with suppliers for this
tour, Corporate Travel Service asks for prompt payment on the requested
dates. Please see the reservation form for the payment schedule. The
advertised price is based on 41 passengers, tarrifs, exchange rates, air line
fuel surcharges and taxes in effect when the tour was organized and are
subject to increase before tour departure. Price of the tour may have to be
adjusted before final payment to reflect any increase in tariffs, fluctuation
in exchange rates and/or fuel surcharges.
Corporate Travel Service accepts cash, check, money orders and Visa and
MasterCard for payment. In order to qualify for the advertised price,
traveler must pay entire tour (deposit and final payment) by cash or
check. The discount for payment by cash or check will be made after final
payments are received.
CANCELLATION POLICY: All cancellations must be received in
writing. Cancellations received more than 90 days before departure will
forfeit $100 per person. Forfeit entire deposit for cancellations received
between 75 and 90 days before departure. After 75 days before departure,
no refund. Penalties will be according to the fax or postmark date.
the State Department (www.state.gov) and the Center for Disease Control
(www.cdc.gov) and other government agencies and departments issue
travel advisories or warnings for one or more of the destinations that you
may be visiting on tour. We encourage you to contact these agencies
directly to obtain the most current information. Corporate Travel Service
cannot change the cancellation terms or conditions based on the issuance
of any such warning or advisory or the occurrence of any terror, health or
other incident in one or more of the places this tour is scheduled to visit.
All cancellation penalties must remain in full force and effect as outlined
on the reservation form.
RECOMMENDS the purchase of travel insurance. In to receive the
optimum insurance coverage, purchase travel insurance within 14 days of
deposit. Call Travel Guard at 800-549-9037 & give them Corporate
Travel’s Agent ID: 23611545
ROOMS: Tour prices are per person according to a room type: a
“Single” room is one person in a room and a “Double” is two persons in
one room. “Triple” rooms are discouraged because of cramped quarters.
Triples are one double bed with two persons sharing the bed and one
single bed. Triples are not always available.
CHECKED LUGGAGE: Checked baggage is limited to one bag per
person. There can be no exceptions. For most airlines, the one checked
bag is limited to 50 pounds and 62 inches (length + width + height). If
these specifications are exceeded, excess charges may be collected by the
airline at the airport. Do not lock baggage you intend to check in at the
airport. Please confirm these specifications when you receive your final
travel documents, as they can and do change.
CARRY ON LUGGAGE: You may also bring a small carry-on bag that
will fit under an airline seat and on the small parcel racks of the motor
coach, which average about 8 inches high by 18 inches deep. It is best if
your carry-on bag is soft sided, as the parcel racks on the motor coaches
are small. Currently, travellers are allowed to transport only small
amounts of liquids, gels, lotions, aerosols or similar items on their person
or in their carry-on luggage. Details will be in your final travel
GRATUTITIES: Unless otherwise noted as included, gratuities
for your escort, driver and guides are not included. In Europe it is
customary to tip the escort (3) Euros and the driver two (2) Euros
per person per day. The tip for the local guides is usually about
one (1) Euro for half-day tours and two (2) Euros for full day
PASSPORT: A valid U.S. Passport is required of all passengers.
Please apply for your passport immediately as passports are
taking a long time to process. Make sure to have it in your
possession at all times while on tour. It must be valid for 6
months following the return date of the trip or boarding may
be denied or entry into the destination may be forbidden.
Please provide Corporate Travel Service with a copy of the
inside page of your passport (showing your name and photo)
at the time of reservation. A color copy is preferred.
GROUP AIR: Due to the airlines’ reduced capacity and
restrictive group reservation terms, group air reservations are
often difficult to coordinate. The number of connections, length
of layovers, and all conditions surrounding air travel cannot be
guaranteed and may change before departure. Accordingly, if you
require specific air travel needs and are not flexible concerning
group air travel, you may wish to consider purchasing a
Land-Only package and secure your own preferred air
arrangements. In this case, you must notify Corporate Travel
Service no less than 120 days before departure, be responsible for
meeting the group at a specified location and time on the tour,
and sign a Corporate Travel Service Land Only Waiver. Land
only passengers are responsible for arranging and the cost of
transfers to and from the airport. Corporate Travel Service will
not be responsible for any loss incurred by traveller due to a
cancelled flight or other means of transportation. Please
investigate purchasing travel insurance to cover any type of loss
associated with cancelled air or other transportation.
Seat Requests: Corporate Travel Service will request specific
seating, but there is no guarantee that the airline will honor our
TRAVEL DOCUMENTS: Unless otherwise notified, Corporate
Travel Service will mail to you or your group leader a more
detailed itinerary and General Information Sheet approximately 2
weeks or 10 days before departure.
ITINERARY: The Itinerary as presented in this brochure is
tentative and represents what we are planning for you, however it
is subject to confirmations from many organizations. Because of
changes in local schedules, we may need to alter specified events,
dates and/or venues to better fit the overall plan.
HEALTH REQUIREMENTS: Travellers must be medically
and physically fit for this tour. Most tours require significant
walking, as motor coaches are not permitted to pick up and drop
off in front of major attractions. Should any special assistance be
required, traveller agrees to bring a companion capable and
willing to assist traveller.
CHILDREN UNDER 18: For a minor under the age of 18 to
travel out of the United States without both parents or legal
guardians, a notarized affidavit must be obtained and presented to
immigration officials upon departure and return to the United
States. You may request a form from our office.

Corporate Travel Service, Inc.
23420 Ford Rd., Dearborn Heights, MI 48127
Phone: 313-565-8888 x 121 Fax: 313-565-3621 Website: www.ctscentral.net

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*The Itinerary as presented is tentative and represents what we are planning for you, however it is subject to
confirmations from many organizations in Europe.
Because of changes in local European schedules we may need to alter specified events or venues to better fit the overall plan.

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